CURT SecureLatch 13.5t Pintle Hook (Flat Mount)

CURT SecureLatch 13.5t Pintle Hook (Flat Mount)

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The CURT SecureLatch Pintle Hook is unique from other pintle hitches with its cupped design. Instead of letting the ring slop with every acceleration, brake, and bump, the cupped hook holds the ring tighter fore and aft.

This results in smoother, quieter heavy-duty towing.Drop. Auto-lock! Integrated into this SecureLatch pintle hook is an automatic locking mechanism that secures the primary latch without any manual coupling required. Simply back your vehicle up to the lunette ring - the built-in striker plate helps stop and centre the lunette ring.

Drop the ring down onto the hook and let the auto-locking latch do the rest! Just install the secondary safety pin.Quick, easy, one-tool height adjustments - no disassembly required, Integrated, intermediate safety chain hangers keep chains off the ground.

Rated for 13,500kg gross trailer weight and 2720kg vertical load. Couples to pintle rings with a 2-1/2" or 3" inside diameter.

  • Safety pin must be installed before towing

  • Bright zinc-plated hardware for corrosion resistance (mount bolts not included)

  • SecureLatch pintle mount and bolts required for installation (sold separately)

  • Fits SecureLatch pintle mounts with a slotted plate (sold separately)

  • Australian patent# 2014366795; U.S. patent# 9,789,742; Canadian patent# 2,836,683, 3,040,259 and 3,044,875; European patent# 14871983.4